Stairway Press edition of my two Navy novels.

#5 Based on a true story of a jealous mother who wanted her daughter-in-law dead.

#4 Adapted to film, starring James Cann and Marsha Mason. Nominated for three Oscars.

Sequel to "The Last Detail," revisiting the characters 35 years later.

Adapted to film, directed by Richard Linklater.

#8 The agony of a broken marriage and the joy of finding new love.

These four titles comprise the mystery series I wrote under the pen name Anne Argula. The first, Homicide My Own, was nominated for an Edgar Award.

#6. A biographical novel based on the life of the silent film cowboy star.

My first novel, which was adapted into the classic film starring Jack Nicholson. Nominated for three Oscars.

#2 Based on my experiences as a high school teacher in a wealthy suburb.

#3 Interlocking stories of the coal town of my birth

Stairway Press edition.

The reissue of my first novel, from Skyhorse Publishing, due 9/5/17, with a new preface written by me.

#7 Based upon my travels with a tent circus throughout the South.