"Self Portrait"

oil collage on canvas

"Woman on one Leg"

ink on paper

"Dizzy Gillespie Dreams of Spring"

Fired clay and acrylics. Starfish on his ears, caterpillars on his face.

"Reno Reception Desk"

oil on canvas. I had a show called "Reno Confidential," the result of my many visits there. It's a complex city.

"Figure Study"

collage of charcoal and pastel sketches on a door. I do a lot of figure work, most of which winds up in a drawer. I decided to use the sketches in this way.

"Werewolf on a Break"

ceramic, marble and wood

"Figure and Wall"

tempera and glue on canvas

"Sel-Portrait in Tank Top"

pastel on paper. I do a lot of self-portraits because I'm a reliable, cheap model.

"Desert Scene"

oil on canvas

"Hey, Where's My Hat?"

ceramic, acrylics