"Asian Girls Beat the Dawn"

​ink on rice paper

"Samurai Chihuahua Resting on Sword and Sushi Pillow"

oil on canvas

"​Skyward"  oil on canvas, 48x72

The model was my beloved dog Sheba, a rescue mutt who was 8 when I got her. The most loyal and loving dog I've ever had. She died in June, 2016, in my arms, 3:00 a.m., of congestive heart failure.

Not for sale. Some guests have threatened to steal it.

"Guitar Girl" - ceramic

"Secret Garden"

graphite on laminated blind

In an art world of go big or go home, this is as big as I go. It hangs in the entry of my Palm Springs home. I prefer smaller pieces that tell bigger stories. "Only a dewdrop, but within...tumult."