"Secret Garden"

graphite on laminated blind

"Samurai Chihuahua Resting on Sword and Sushi Pillow"

oil on canvas

"Guitar Girl" - ceramic

"​Skyward"  oil on canvas, 48x72

The model was my beloved dog Sheba, a rescue mutt who was 8 when I got her. The most loyal and loving dog I've ever had. She died in June, 2016, in my arms, 3:00 a.m., of congestive heart failure.

I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't done any paintings or sculptures during the last 10 months. I have a novel coming out next year and I'm working on a satirical autobiography, a collection of short stories, a western film script--which I've been on for years--and all the demanding chores of ordinary life. Plus I spend an hour every day singing and playing the uke. And so far I've written three songs. So something had to go away for awhile. Maybe forever. 

In an art world of go big or go home, this is as big as I go. It hangs in the entry of my Palm Springs home. I prefer smaller pieces that tell bigger stories. "Only a dewdrop, but within...tumult."

Not for sale. Some guests have threatened to steal it.

"Asian Girls Beat the Dawn"

​ink on rice paper